About Us


Riley   "The handsome face of the operation"


My name is Riley, and as a young pup I did not have an ideal life. My second chance came thanks to a few angels from an animal rescue group. I was young, scared, and very untrusting, but they gave me the love and patience I needed to sweep mom off her feet. After more than ten years of fostering dogs, I become her first "failed foster" and got myself adopted.  I must be quite the catch right? (wink-wink)

Remember that sweet-talking that got me my fur-ever home? Well it worked on Mom (again) and we dreamed up a way to care for other people's furbabies when their humans have to work long hours or travel (How dare they think of leaving us right?) But, since they have to sometimtes, that is where we come in!

Whether your pup needs an overnight human roommate in your home so they can have a "suite" place to crash, a potty break or just a visit to keep them calm......we've got you covered!

Kathleen White  Owner of Suite Life of Riley, a.k.a "The brains of the operation"


Mom (ironically, her nickname is Kat) has been helping rescue and care for foster dogs for over 20 years and has experience with all types of breeds, sizes, and personalities. She took the plunge in adopting me 4 years ago and saw first hand how devasting it can be to a pet to be boarded.  She has been walking and pet sitting for rescues in California and Illinois before deciding to follow her passion full time and open Suite Life of Riley in our new home of Wilmington. 


LIke I said, the brains of the operation! She is Pet CPR & First Aid Certified, and Insured & Bonded in the state of North Carolina.  When life is busy or takes you out of town, give Mom a call to give your furbaby the "Suite Life" experience!